Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nice Sierra

Cindy caught this nice Sierra on spin gear. It was non stop action
for the last 2 hours of the day. Man do I love this job

Baby dead grey whale

This 18' baby grey whale was missing a tail and had huge chunks taken
out of it by sharks.

Sad sight to see

Gregs first rooster ever, and on the fly to boot!

Cindy's big jack on 12 lb spinning rod

Way to go Cindy!

Tons of action. Big Sierra top!

Greg and Cindy with a nice fly caught Sierra

Can you say ceviche.

Beautifly sunny calm day. Waters too clear, but other than that.

Hregs first Sierra on the fly

Beach fishing on Friday

What a great time we had beach fishing on Friday. Only thing was that
the fishing was slow near the beach. We didn't catch a thing. We
watched the fish go off 200 to 300 yards offshore. Frustrating. Man,
it was a beautiful day

Geg and Cindy Pacchiana Cabo sunrise

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And big ones too!

Jay with his first roosterfish on the fly. What a rooster! We
estimated him at around 20lbs. Some guys have all the Luck. He should
buy a ticket to Las Vegas.

Roosters. Roosters

Man oh man. Lots of roosters today. Kyle with his first of the day

Check your fly

Kyle was wondering why he missed a few

Kyles with a nice Sierra

Hot siera action

Lots of sierras. A fish every cast! Too
Much fun

The fun has started

Jay with his first sieraa on the fly

A new day a new adventure

Texans klye wright and Jay Kingham with the old lighthouse in the

Paul Nadel just sent me this email.

Hi Grant,

Check out the beautiful Dorados I caught last week with Arturo. He is a great Captain and knows where the fish are. I'll be back in a couple of months to fish with you and to eat at Edith's.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lon and another fly caught rooster

Guy gets his first roosterfish kn the fly

Way to go!

Guy gets a very nice bluefin trevelle on the fly

Lon gets his rooterfish on the fly

Live from Cabo San Lucas

It's been an outstanding day!

Sierras roosters jacks bluefin trevelle. Non stop action

Lon gets a nice one!

Guys first fish of the day!

Roosters sierras and jacks. Are everywhere the fishing is awesome!

Lon and Guy locked and loaded ready for action

Yesterday ws very good fish for sierras roosters and jack

Anthony Giorgio just sent me this.


This is Anthony from New York, Both myself and Bill Saputo just returned from our trip to Cabo. Here are a Few of the Pictures of the Striped Marlin we picked up with Arturo. He is a Great Captain & Guide. See you in November!

You run a nice operation, wish you continued success in 2010.

Anthony Giorgio

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Artiuro fishing for sierras along the coast

Aarons first saltwater fish on the fly

Lots of Sierra action. This is too much fun.

Blast from the past

Nice tuna we got a few years ago in the Bisbees

Guys first sierra of the day

We moved around the corner into calmer waters. Lots of action lots of

Guy Morgan and Aaron Rasty fishing for sierras on the fly

It's big bumpy waves, but the fish are here. Beautiful sunrise!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What do tuna eat

This is what we got out of the tuna- baby squid, octopous, oceanic
crabs, and various baitfish

Another nice tuna

Tuna time!

Ron with a nice YF tuna caught on live bait.

We have lost 2 very nice tuna already, with the 3rd in the boat.
Slower fishing but some monsters up to 100 lbs

We are having a blast

This is our cold front. Beautiful sunny skies atoms 80 degrees

No fish yet, the bite was late am yesterday

The storm has passed and another beautiful day

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jon Crisostomo and his summer dorado

John just sent me this great photo of his dorado we caught this last summer while fishing next to a whales carcass. I love to see blasts from the past as it brings back all the fun.

One more marlin up but refused the fly

It's raining in Cabo right now. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow

First dorado of the day

We teased up 2 marlin , 1 wahoo, and 2 dorado, but the bite on the fly
is off, must be the cold front thAt blew in last night. The fun

Here we go again!

Bill is looking for his first striped marlin on the fly.

Yesterday the dorado were shy on fly, but great on bait, lots of
football tuna around.

Wish us luck!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Lindseth, what a way to start the day

And another gorgeous sunrise

The early mornings are magical to me,
A new day, a new adventure. This is what I live for.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another fine dorado!

Bills first dorado on the fly

We just landed two dorado
, the bite is on

No luck yet, just a dorado that wouldn't eat the fly

Another gorgeous sunrise!

Bill Matyi and I looking for striped marlin on the fly. The marlin
fishing is so-so, so we go out with great expections.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arturo n Donn with another Dorado

We have had a lot of shots for roosters, but they continue to refuse
the fly.

Here is the second offspey , damn pelican won't let the offspey eat

A couple of Offsprey playing with our teasers

Donn Roberts morning fish

My good friend Donn Roberts catches a fun sized dorado on the fly. We
just teased up some nice roosters, but they wouldn't take the fly. The
fun continues