Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bill Spina testimonial


Thanks! Had a great afternoon fishing with Nazario yesterday afternoon.
Got my first saltwater fish on the fly, two nice  sierras and now I'm hooked.
Wish I had more time this trip for more fishing, but I'll definitely be back.
Thanks again. You run a first class operation!

Bill Spina 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Carl and a noche Roosterfish

Live report 8:40am April 27th

Nows it's Sherri's turn with a nice rooster Way to go girl

Live Report on the water on April 27 8 :35 am

Carl stop it, you are making me look good Nice BIG Rooster

April 27 8:30am live report

Way to start the day Carl yahoo nice rooster

Great way to start the day April 27th

A baby humpback ad his mother

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sierras to end the day What's fun day on the water

Live report 12:16 on April 26th

Carl is into the sierras

What a blast , and his first decent sized fish on the fly

I told Carl to stop Jacking around

Live report April 26th 8:40 am

Carl and Sherri Sparks starting out the day right catching rosters, it's one after another, and just way too much fun

Beautiful sunrise

I have been doing this for Most of my life and still awed by the gorgeous sunrise in Cabo

Cabo is situated so we see te sunrise and sunset on the water

Rick Grimes and friends







a few photos from Nazario's camera

Scott Turnspseed and his friend Ed

Mike Wallish having fun in Cabo with his family









Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mike Manocchio wrote

Great time on the big water with Grant and his crew this morning. Never knew a 7-8 pound fish could kick my as%^# on a fly. Awesome feeling to land 3 fish on a slow day. Hopefully the Sierra Mackerels will taste as good as they look. Thanks for the memories Grant. Mike Manocchio

Mike got it down now!

Live report

Mike and his first Sierra on the fly He said he bever had a fish pull so hard or swim so fast

Live report April 24th

Mike Manocchio fishing with me today

We had some shots fly fishing for Sierra and hooked em, but did get any in, one barracuda to the boat so far, trying for roosters now Days early so the bite is just around the corner