Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ian gets a nice dorado

Jazz buzz

Some great jazz at Cerritos beach after fishing. Jan caught a dorado and lost a striped marlin today and had 4 strikers come to the teasers yesterday and landed and released a striped marlin

It doesn't get better than this

Keeping you posted


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great light tackle day

What a great day it would have been for light tackle.. I had over 12 striped marlin eat my baits and teased to the boat, all lit up, but only one ate the fly, and we lost it to a wrapped fly line on the reel...... The marlin were following the baitballs and would return to the baitball the moment the teaser was pulled away...

Thats fishing.

Jan and I go at it again today...

Darn iphone wont work again... just a few drops of salt water and the darn things start to act up.. they need to make these things Grant proof.

Keeping you posted, and living the dream..


Friday, November 26, 2010

Jan Forszpaniak ready to go

Justin's marlin

Sorry I dropped off the map, I was beat after fishing, then had to start cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. It takes me two days to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but it's worth it.

Justin's day brought six fish to the boat. Three teased up hot, and two hooked and lost and we saved the day with a striper on light spinning tackle.

Justin is a great fisherman, just some bad luck and a slow full moon fishing period. Next year Mi Amigo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Justin Caslavka and a new day

Yesterday Justin and I had an off day, but today is his birthday. I hope we can make it one to remember.

My buddy Randall wrote me and said" the rooster one day the feather duster the next". Ain't that the truth, but I love being the rooster.

I will keep you posted

Monday, November 22, 2010

Slow day

Wow! What a off day for us. We had a few marlin teased to the boat one ate the fly We saw a lot of fish, but we were just off and couldn't catch the fish.

I felt like a out of tune guitar. Always the wrong note. I guess we had it coming. For the last month, I could do no wrong, sharp, just like a surgical instrument. Yea baby, what a great streak. Back at it tomorrow. Big fish, lots of them

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joseph talks about his day

Joesph Koenig from Dallas Texas gets his second striped marlin on the fly

Joseph and his 13 yr old daughter Jordan are fishing with me today. This is Joseph's first time marlin fishing on a fly, and he has already caught two marlin and Jordan caught a dorado.

Yesterday the fishing was slow and Tony the Tank hooked one marlin and lost it to my mistake. 4 more marlin came to the boat and they wouldn't eat the fly

Man I love this game

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last day with Tony the Tank

Wow, what a day yesterday! We teased in 9 marlin and the Tank caught 2 of them. I screwed up the rest trying to take a underwater photo of them eating the fly. The fish would shy away when they saw me Tony is so cool, he didn't mind a bit , actually he was quite stoked. It was a ton of fun Tony is a very good friend and I hate to see him go. all good things must end, but you dont have to like it a bit It was a great adventure.

Good luck today Tank. My brother from another mother.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grant waiting on the stern to go in and get action shots of a marlin taking the fly. We had one come in but no shots. I did come close to hooking Grant. According to Gisel if I do hook Grant I have to throw him back.

Tony the tank and his first marlin of the day

Slow morning, but the action is hot and getting hotter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dan just released his second marlin on the fly

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Dan has his first striped marlin on the fly

Dan Driscoll and his first striped marlin on the fly

Blue marlin

We just had a dorado that was after our fly get chased by a 500 lb blue. The blue speared the dorado, but he got away. The dorado won't leave the boat. Very smart dorado. After 30 years on the water, this ocean still amazes me.

Dan Driscoll semper fi. Locked and loaded

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tony's 3rd striped marlin on the fly

What a day! We have had 5 eaters and 3 took the fly. Tony landed and released all three fish, he is shooting 100% today. Tony the Tank just another guy that loves fly fishing having the time of his life. Way to go Tony!

Ready for a new day! Life is good!

Nazarios Camera

Here are a few photos from Nazarios camera

Tony the Tank almost hits a home run, Almost..

My good friend Tony Satoris fished yesterday and hooked 2 marlin on the fly. He lost one as a short line release near the boat after a long 45 minute battle.. Heartbreaking.. Then his next fish, broke his tippet when the fish started grey-hounding.. Tony is one of the best guys that walks this planet and when he lost both fish, he was smiling ear to ear. I was disappointed a little as I want Tony to have his fish, but not Tony. All smiles and laughs...Great attitude. He s just happy to be down here, and stoked to have just hooked them.. It helps that he is fishing 3 more days. The fishing continues to be super!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Striped marlin video

Here's a short video of Don Sutton and Chris Dabbs with very good striped marlin fishing.

Chris Dabbs with his nice striped marlin on the fly.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Killer Whales in Cabo

Here is a very short video of a family of killer whales eating the Monterey Sardines... I had a ton of footage, but my underwater camera let me down... You can see the video at

Striped marlin on light tackle video

I just put out a new video with Ray, Jay and Mike from Oklahoma, catching striped marlin with light tackle...It's a lot of fun, check it out at
Here is a photo of Mike with his first striped marlin. Actually it was a first for all three of them...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don and Chris do it again!

Both Don and Chris boated striped marlin on the fly yesterday, that makes two days fishing, 4 marlin caught and released. . We raised 18 fish the first day and 6 yesterday... They greatly improved their casting, hooking and fighting skills in just two days with that many shots.. At the end of the second day, they had the game down. They wanted another day or two on the water, but we are booked solid this week... If you want to fish prime striped marlin time, you need to book early and book as many days as you want to fish... We still have boats open at the end of November and the first two weeks of December... If you want to catch striped marlin on the fly or light spin gear, book now... The is going to be one heck of a super year for catching striped marlin on the fly...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a way to start out the day

Just another beautiful day in paradise

Canada boys do good.

Both Chris and Don Sutton from Vancouver, B.C. caught their first striped marlin on the fly yesterday... Congratulations.. The first ones are always the hardest... Lots of chances, lot of fun.. Actually we raised 18 marlin to the fly and they were hot, hot , hot.... We hooked 8. We also had some equipment fail... It was the fly lines on their personal rods, and it broke so easily, I could break it with a steady pull... The fly lines were crap. When we got in, they took the lines off their rods and bought RIO fly lines from me... I have been at this game for 30 years, and RIO is the only fly line I recommend... I have lost too many fish to other fly lines. Thanks RIO for making a great product.. BTW- I buy all my RIO lines, they dont give them to me...

We are back out today, I hope we have the same good luck as yesterday and raise 20 fish!

Man I love it when the fishing is good!

Living the dream.


Lots of marlin, lots of fun.

Ray and Mike from Oklahoma have a great time catching striped marlin on light tackle... Check out the rod Ray is using, thats typical of the gear we use to catch striped marlin... Fun stand up stuff, not heavy gear made for blue marlin. Anyway, the fishing is hot, and its too much fun!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Very good marlin fishing

Ray and a nice striped marlin on light tackle... The striped marlin fishing is very good right now.. Lots of fish up in the Pacific... The warm current moved them and the bait off Golden gate banks and pushed them a bit north. Its a great time to fly fish for the stripers as they are taking lures aggressively... That means that they are easily teased in for the fly.. Expect 4 to 8 chances a day....

Ray and Jay hold a few nice dorado

Beautiful Cabo sunrise