Friday, September 26, 2014

Hurricane relief

Hi Everyone,

I would like to start out and thank everyone who is helping us get back on our feet after the devastating Hurricane that hit us.  A special thanks to Terry and Wendy Gunn who set up the relief fund for our guys and the business.

We weathered the storm, and man was it a storm.  In 30 years I have been through numerous big hurricanes, but never anything as strong and dangerous as this one.  It sounded like a freight train outside our house for over 8 hours, and the only relief was the eye of the storm, and once that passed the storm came back stronger than ever.

The next am, I was for sure I lost the boats.  So I took off in my VW Combi battling tropical storm conditions, and it took me over 2 hours to get to the downtown, it normally only takes me 10 minutes.  It was like a maze, all the electrical and telephone poles were down, including the huge cement ones.  I got to the marina and the boats were still there.  i shed a few tears of disbelief and relief. Others werent so lucky.  I friend of mine of mine, his boat sank as a lot of smaller craft.  Some big boats broke loose and caused all kinds of damage.  The marina where we docked our boats is gone.

The town was devastated and looked like a apocalyptic  Every Power and telephone pole was down, including the huge cement ones.  Over 8000 homes destroyed. Within hours there was no food or water for over 5 days..When help came, it came in a big way..The Mexican Government really came through.  Tens of thousands of troops on the ground. Hundreds if not more of Commission power trucks arrived form all over the country to rebuild the power lines and get electricity back to the town..  On every corner, lots of help.

So we will be ready to fish when the town opens on Oct 1st.  Actually they say the 1st, but I think it might be until the 5th, but I could be wrong.  The hotels are working around the clock to get the town 100% ready.

Two of our guys lost their homes and the business took a big hit. Terry and Wendy Gunn set up a relief fund for us to help feed our guys, rebuild their homes, and get everyone back on their feet.  Every bit helps.  No pressure to help, but if you want to, here is the link.

Looking forward to seeing all our friends this fall and winter.  Also looking forward to help rebuild Cabo better than ever.

All my best,
Grant and the Baja Anglers crew.