Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kurt Schiele catching dorado in Baja

Hi Grant,
Again, thank  the boys Arturo and Jacob for the great time my Peter and I had.  Just as an FYI, I was able to knock another fish off the bucket list on the Fly!!! 

Good morning Cabo San Lucas

Another beautiful sunrise man I love Cabo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life is fun!

You know, in life we are all connected, and its even more so in the fly fishing world!

One of my very nice guests Anders Viden was fishing for tarpon with my roosterfish fly and landed this nice tarpon with it.. Now tell me that isnt cool!  Way to go Anders, and thanks for believing in my fly.  By the Way, what a super picture, love the bright vibrant colors...


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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bob Valentine having fun with Baja Anglers on the fly

Feb 24rd Roosterfish Season is now!

Folks always think that they can only catch roosterfish in the late spring and summer, not true.  They are here almost year around.  We are catching roosterfish everyday and the fishing will only get better, then in May and June fish like these are common.

Longtime guest and friend Jim Leonardson with this big roosterfish he caught yesterday.  

FEB 23rd New to Salt water fly fishing, no problem

Keith Hanni having fun with sierras on the fly...Keith was new to the saltwater game, as are a lot of our guests.. Because Sierra's are so aggressive and good eaters, they are the perfect fish to start out fly fishing in the salt... Dont worry about having saltwater skills, my team will teach you the basics and you will be having fun catching these great fighting and eating gamefish.  After you wet your teeth n sierras, then come the roosterfish and jacks.  Yea, Baby!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I love Cabo San Lucas Warm and Sunny everyday.

My guest Rick wrote me this, you gotta love it.. He's heading this way and he will have his feet in the warm sand next week..


Just so you appreciate where you are, it is 8 degrees right now and will be 10 or 12 below zero F tonight.  The wind chill is supposed to go to about -35 F to tonight.

And no we don't know why we live here.


Andy Hunsinger's testimonial

Had a great 1/2 day trip last week, guide and mate were very good.  Took a bit to get my cast and timing with the teaser figured out, but once i was able to do what they wanted .... it was Sierra after Sierra.  Looked around at the the multiple other boats and by far was out fishing all of the.  They really knew how to put me on fish.  Will definately be coming back for a guys trip for rooster.
Andy Hunsinger

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick short Fishing report Feb 15th

The inshore fly and light fishing has been lots of fun lately, with lots of action for roosterfish, jacks, sierra mackerel, and even some cubera snappers along the rocks.

The offshore action is okay for striped marlin with some dorado thrown in and if you can find the porpoise you can find the tuna...

The weather has been perfect, warm sunny days in the mid 70s, with calmer seas in the am and some chop in the pm.. Water temps are around 74-72 degrees..

Some photos from Arturo's camera

Ron Blakey and friends have some fun fishing including a triple on dorado.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jeff Goddell and Dan Heiser having fun in Cabo…

Yellowtail, Sierra Mackerel, Roosterfish and Jack Cravelle on the fly.  Now thats a good days fishing

Steve gets a súper burritos after a morning shore Fishing

Beach fishing live Feb 14th from Cabo San Luxas

Dave and his sons Chris, Mike and Steve from Idaho enjoying a morning fly fishing beach trip So far the roosters are avoiding the shallow water, but we have caught some small jacks

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another beautiful sunrise in Mexico

I never get tired of this when I don't fish, I send the boats out in the am and then take my morning walk up the mountain and get greeted by the rising sun