Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stephen Toinai Testimonial

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for an absolutely amazing salt water fly fishing and light tackle experience. We had a great time. Your skipper and deck hand were great coaches and very patient as we learned to cast that heavy fly with the 10 weight rod into the wind.
We will definitely be back. We are hooked!
I am a little disappointed however, that Brett caught a bigger Rooster Fish than me. This will need to be remedied next time!
Thank you again and I hope you have a successful season.
Stephen Tolnai

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peter Dichrow Testamonial

We had a fantastic time fishing with the Baha crew over the holidays.  Very friendly and accommodating from the organization of the day to the crew on the water!   
Gorgeous weather…..caught fish….didn't have to shovel snow…..was a fantastic couple days.
I see why Bruce recommended you.  I will do the same!!
Thanks again,
Peter Dichrow

Jan 30th Dan Granucci Testamonial

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I had a great time fishing in Cabo.  It was definitely a welcomed challenge.  Your staff was professional and very helpful (which is always appreciated).
The Clouser Minnow recommendation was very good.  I brought down about a dozen, which were also ripped to shreds by the Sierra Mackeral's impressive teeth.  It was my first time catching a fish on a fly I tied, which was an amazing experience.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to coming back to visit you in the near future.
Daniel Granucci, CFP® 

Mark Pharo has a great trip!

Mark is all smiles... He and his brother Randy, had a great trip.  Marlin on the fly, dorado, sierras and roosters, all on the fly... What a great fishery we have here in Cabo.  Man I love it here.

Brett Johnson letter

Hi Grant,
We're back in Vancouver. A quick note to say we had a great experience on the weekend. Great guides and I love the boat set up. We have a group of 6 guys that own a house in Palmilla. I've already passed along your information and I'm sure you'll be hearing from them, and me, in the very near future.
Cheers, Brett

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chip Stringer with a rooster on the fly

Marlin on the Fly/Randy Fitzgerald

Randy Fitzgerald from Texas caught this beautiful striped marlin on the fly with Arturo yesterdy. 

Randy called me the week earlier and said he needed a break from work...  He had a open weekend, and always had wanted to catch a striped marlin on the fly. He had never bluewater fly fished before and wondered if he could do it.. You know me, I love Saltwater New-bee's.  There is nothing like the excitement of someone catching their striped marlin on their first trip.  First day of his two day trip, Wammo, Arturo teases this hot fish up, Randy made a nice cast, gets a good hook-set, and after a long fun fight,  he  lands and releases it unharmed. .... I also saw him the next day, and he still had a big smile on his face, I bet that smile wont go away for a very long time... 

Only in Cabo baby, Man I love it here!

Way to go Randy!

Lee and Gorge catching some nice roosterfish. These 8-15lb. roosterfish are great fun on both fly and light tackle...

Jan 27th Fishing is super right now

The inshore fishing is super right now for roosterfish, jacks, sierras and snappers.. Actually most of our guests want to fish more days, but we have been booked, we had a few afternoon trips open and they booked quickly...  The marlin fishing is very good right now....expect 2 to 4 shots a day, with a few shots at dorado.

Below is my Amigo Henrik from Holland with a fly caught dorado. Can anyone say fish tacos baby!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick fishing report

The inshore fishing right now is outstanding We are catching Sierra Mackerel, jacks and roosters Some huge roosters are around Also a ton of sharks Whalers and bulls around the Sierra Mackerel

Offshore the marlin fishing is very good right now 2-4 shots a day is normal , and some dorado around Tuna way offshore My good friend Gar Clark got 5 tuna around 25 ea

I am off the water for a few weeks recovering from a sore back, and I am going nuts a bit I was born to be on the water everyday, and it kills me that I am on the injured list

The weather doesn't get any better than this beautiful sunny days close to 80 and nights in the low 70s

I love Cabo!

I will get photos from the guys and post them soon

Tight lines

Sent from my iPhone Grant Hartman/ Baja Anglers

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garey and marge Malek

Nice rooster!  lots of fun on the water!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pictures form Arturos camera

Nice fish Trisha!

Greg and Trisha Amberson having a good time in Cabo! 

James Heroy and family

James had a great time! 3 generations of fisherman!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick fishing report Jan. 19th

Quick Fishing report  JAN 19TH 2013

The weather is fantastic. At last things are starting to shape up and I mean shape up.. we had two weeks of clouds, and even some rain over the holidays and then we had a few more cold fronts quickly pass through bringing the morning temps into the low 60s.. Thats just way too cold for Cabo.  Now things are back to normal, beautiful sunny days and good tug on the end of your line, with a cold Pacifico and Ceviche waiting after fishing... Now thats Cabo!

The marlin fishing is still good. Both fly and light tackle... As I thought. now with the water temperatures down the marlin continue to migrate south from Mag Bay.  

The dorado fishing has slowed down, but if you are lucky you can catch a few or even get into a school and catch a bunch.

The Inshore fishing has taken off and is super right now...Lots of action on really big sierra action is putting smiles on all faces.  I mean some really nice fish... Also, some huge roosters around, they can be difficult to catch, but they are here and thats half the battle...Some big jacks also, and an occasional snapper...Smaller roosters around and are lots of fun on the appropriate tackle. 

Grant Hartman
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brad and his boys having some Cabo fun!


My family had a wonderful experience this morning fishing with baja anglers. Captain Nazario & Mate Ulises were first class and extremely helpful especially given we had 3 boys with us (11, 9, & 6).

The fishing was great as well, we must have found a school of Dorado's bc all of our lines went tight at the same time. We were able to land 3 of the 4 and the boys had an experience bringing them in that they will never forget.  

Thank you--

Brad Livingstone

Monday, January 14, 2013

Peter and his marlin Jan 14th

My good Amigo Peter Bowers and his beautiful striped marlin he caught on the fly today Peter is the owner of the Patient Angler Fly shop in Bend Oregon

Peter was supposed to come down with his good friend Kevin, but Kevin had to bail on him at the last moment Eat your heart out Kevin :) and Way to go Peter!


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Scott Little and Arturo Not a bad days fishing Dorado and marlin on the fly





Mike and Arturo Nice dorado and wahoo on the fly.





Scott Caldwell and a nice dorado on the fly

Grant Hartman
Baja Anglers
Blog/daily fishing reports
Grant Hartman's Baja Anglers YouTube Videos:
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Phone US (619) 955-7026

Way to go Dan Dunn! Nice Marlin!

Grant Hartman
Baja Anglers
Blog/daily fishing reports
Grant Hartman's Baja Anglers YouTube Videos:
Phone Mexico(624)143-4995
Phone US (619) 955-7026

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Matt Donaldson gets a beauty of striped marlin on the fly. Way to go Matt!

I wanted to thank you for 3 wonderful days of fishing on the water.

your guides Nazareo and Arturo were top notchj: professional, cared about the clients, did a tremendous job, made sure I had a really good time, and were tremendously knowledgable fisherman.  They never gave up, and had many different places, techniques when the fish were hard to find.  From the boat we caught 1 Dorado, 2 Sierra, and a whopper of a Marlin in the 9th inning (:
Also, it is clear they truly love what they do and it is important to them to give a great experience to their clients- they get as jazzed and fired up as I did when the fish were near. 
in a previous life I had been a guide for 6 years all over north america (not fishing- just heading through all the US/canada national parks) and I prided myself as being pretty good at my job, but I was not as good as your guides. 
So thank you for putting together such a tremendous product- I hope your business continues to boom- and I am sure it will with the way you run it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Live report Jan 2 at 1pm

Okay we have had shots at marlin, but they have been lazy all day and not eating the fly

We were kind of pissed this dorado came in and interrupted our marlin fishing Yea right Nice dorado Peter

Sunny weather at last

Amigos Bob Smith and Peter Noris marlin fishing with me We just had a shot at two marlin on the fly, but they wouldn't eat the darn fly refused it darn lazy fish

Nice to have sunshine after two weeks of clouds