Friday, May 27, 2011

The secret of happiness according to Grant

The secret of life is having hot sand between your toes and a fly rod in your hand. Everything else is immaterial.

Jeff and Sam stocking up on calories

Wow, what a week. If you were willing to fight the arc crowds around the lighthouse you had a good chance of catching a nice sized rooster. We have been driving up to 3 hours away and even fishing the surf line to find unspoiled and uncrowded beaches. We had some 50 plus fish on this week, but could not hold on to them.

This is SAMs and Jeffs last day, so I hope it pans out for them. BTW. All the fish caught were non teased up fish. Both these guys are great casters and fisherman.

Good luck guys !

John Wesley all smiles

William Miller and this nice rooster

Bill Schroger catching Roosters

Way to go Bill. He was fishing with Alex. Nothing really big, but lots of fun fish.

Cabos good roosterfishing right now

Alex sent me the photos of my friend Dan Driscoll and Sam Ackley having some Cabo fun and catching roosters and jacks

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beach fishing update

Wow, what a slow day. It was great yesterday and we landed over 20 roosters from the beach, until Sam got hit by a Portuguese man of War. He went into a bit of shock during the bite and we had to go back to town to get some meds for him.

Today was blah blah blah. There is always tomorrow. Gisel let me know that it's good fishing back in Cabo

After being on the East Cape beaches over the last month, I am brown as heck and turning into a desert Rat

Keeping you posted


Some other photos of Glenn Kaplan and his catch

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sammy has roosterfish fever

We stopped in a small store and Jeff and Sammy scoped out the Mexican rooster(gallo) shirt and cap. He is styling on the beach. No respectable rooster will come close, but he is styling.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Biggest snapper ever caught on the fly

Glenn Kaplan caught this beast on the fly with Arturo. Absolutely incredible Cowabunga. Way to go Glenn.

Sam with a nice freecast rooster

Fun start on the beach.

Water anyone

One of the sights we see on the way to the fishing.


Where's Grant, well........

On the last day of the show, we got skunked in the am and came in early to shoot the interview. My guest Glen Kaplan said the bite turned on when you left. A fish every bite. It was a great yellowtail bite. Go figure

The big roosters are here, but are a bit closed mouths. Lots of small to medium roosters. now that the big swell is gone, we should get our snapper bite back. Big jacks and Sierra around also.

Good YF Tuna bite offshore on breeding footballs as well as a decent marlin and dorado bite. All in all great Cabo fishing

Okay, so where was Grant, he was surfing of course. There was a great swell going on and I had to take advantage of it. Now I am on one of my East Cape Roosterfish Safari's for the rest of the week.

Someone has to live the good life.

Keeping in touch


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Javier Fitch with a nice jack

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The waves were big yesterday, and the fishing was a bit slower. Plenty of fish around and we caught some nice fish on the fly, including this amberjack and about a dozen roosters. Problem was the big roosterfish were fly and boat shy. Never got that golden chance, but hey they are here, and that's half the battle. You gotta have them to catch them.

Going out again today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great fishing

I am filming fishing the Baja show right now. Dave Maynard caught a ton of roosters yesterday on the fly. He also caught the biggest Sierra I a have ever seen. About mid day, 5 monster roosterfish came in on the tease. One rooster are his fly, then spit it out before Dave could set the hook. We must have seen over 1000 roosters yesterday, and a couple hundred over 40 lbs. The big boys didn't want to eat, and that's roosterfishing.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Onno's and Robin's Beach Trip Take two

Onno's and Robin's Beach Trip

It was a slow week for us last week on the beach, but Onno happened to land his first Grande Roosterfish. It was a free cast (not teased) fish. Onno saw the fish, , made the perfect cast and hooked the rooster on G&S Hybrid fly. He expertly fought it, and beached it shortly later. In the last few years, both Robin and Onno have hooked giant roosterfish on the beach with me, but have ended breaking them off. This year paid off. Robin cast to a 50# fish, but I was kind of in the unintentionally way (bad Grant). I felt horrible, because there just wasnt that many shots.

I usually dont post pictures of the beach trips till after the season. Too many fisherman and illegal guides checking the net daily to whats been caught and where they were caught. I go out of the way to get away form other fisherman. They hog up the best spots and ruin the fishing, yet the ATV thing is a big hit on the East Cape and Running down the man has come close to ruined the fishing over there.

Nima and Payman with some roosterfish they caught a few days ago.

This is the start of the good fishing... Payman has a very respectable roosterfish t show off with Capt. Nazario..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to get to Fish with Baja Anglersis NOW

It's absolutely crazy right now. I haven't seen it like this in a very long time. Alex and John Fisher pounding the big boys! Yea Baby. Man I love Cabo!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Absolutely fantastic fishing

Payam Tabar and Nima Aflatooni from the Bay area get into roosters and cubera and Colorado snapper. Yesterday Payam got a huge rooster which I will post later The fishing is hot, time to be here is now. It's a huge relief as I spent a tough week on the beach at the East Cape. Onno got his Grande rooster, but very slow fishing on the E/C overall

Nice to be home for a few days!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quick Cabo Fishing report

Sorry I haven't been in touch, I am currently on one of my East Cape Roosterfish Safaris.

Alex sent me these photos of John and Christopher Fisher with roosters and yellowtail. The fishing around Cabo has been good on most days. Sierra mackerel, roosterfish and yellowtail are the main catch. Offshore we are catching striped marlin, the bite isn't great, but plenty of striped marlin around

The beach fishing has not been great the last few days. I have been going to quiet locations with less fisherman. We have had some great shots and even hook ups, but overall slow. Good example. We fished all day two days ago, and we were on solid bait. Only one giant feeding. He came in close busted the bait, ignored the fly and then took off.

Last week a few anglers got into some nice fish, but not many.