Sunday, August 04, 2019

Aug 4 th Doubles on big jack cravelle

Trent n his nice rooster Aug 4 th

Aug 4 th Nice big rooster n jack It’s good fishing guys

Big rooster

Just a pig of a huge giant roosterfish

Nice August rooster

Late July rooster

Late July rooster

Canyon Cali n a pig of a rooster

Colt Cali came back to Cabo n fished with us again Here he is with a very big rooster

Nice roosterfish

This is why you fish with us

Nice July roosterfish

A big July rooster

Roosters are fun

The jacks were around in July

July tuna a nice treat

Colt Cali with a huge pig of a rooster

What a way to start July off with a huge pig of a roosterfish

JT with a blue cravelle

June Colorado snapper

A giant jack cravelle

This is why people fish with us Another huge rooster

The 3 Amigos Lance Peterson, Josh Martz n myself on a long stretch of Baja beach

Nate with a fun rooster

Small but a blast to catch

Anthony Smith with a small beach rooster We caught over 2 dozen of theses guys this am

Nate Smith and a huge beach roosterfish on the fly

Nate is one of the best guys on the planet n one heck of a good fisherman

June yellowtail


An A16 jack Cravelle

Roosters are all fun

It’s all fun

And this again is why you come to Cabo in June another giant pig of a rooster with Baja Anglers

And this is why you come in June

Matt Goff with his second beach rooster

Me on the beach sporting my new Smith sunglasses Best lens by far for spotting roosters