Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Justin Schlosser eating his snapper he caught on the fly This kid rocks, great casts and fishing skills , too much fun fishing with him.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Live video report

Live report

Lots of sierras lots of action grant with another Sierra on the fly

Live report

Grants father in law Mike just caught this nice rooster on a bass sized spinning rod. His first roosterfish. Wayto go Mike!

Live report

Can you say "ceviche porfavor". Grant a his first Sierra on the fly. Lots of fish, lots of fun!

Nice roosters everywhere

Wehave lost a few roosters already, but man it's nice to see them
Around, and it's also nice to see them hungry.

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Grant Pieterse

Grant caught his first salt-water fish on the fly. How lucky can you get when you catch a roosterfish on the fly the first time. What a way to start out the day

Another beautiful sunrise. How can you get tired of this

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby sea turtle

We found a bunch of baby sea turtles just outside the surf. Their was a shark there eating them. I took
this photo and then let the little guy go back to his fate. Swim baby swim.

Sierra fun with the Murphy's

Greg, Melisa, and their son Max having great fun catching Sierra. The action wasn't non stop, but it was lots of fun. We got about a dozen Sierra on the fly.

The Murphy's have been fishing with me since 3 weeks after Max was born. I have seen Max grow from a baby into a great kid. Man I must be getting old.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

sick with the flu

Who says a dog is mans best friend.. My cat Charlie taking care of me on my downtime with a bad case of the flu and strep infection....

Late arrival

It was a very long day and me with the flu. I took these pictures as we were getting into Cabo at night

Offshore grand slam

Justin Caslaka and Greg Edwards had a great day of fishing. They caught 5 wahoo, lots of dorado, yellowfin tuna and Greg got a big striped marlin on light tackle. Actually Greg got a offshore Grand slam with Wahoo, yellowfin tuna, dorado, on light spinning rod and then used a bigger spinning rod to catch the striped marlin

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Justin and his wahoo on the fly

Live report

We have a bunch of wahoo and small dorado on light spin and fly

Live Report

Greg Edwards holds the first fish of the day way to go. Fish tacos tonight!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beach camping trip video

I shot this short video of my beach trip with Mitch Slater. We hooked two big snook, and lost them and we saw many more, but couldnt get them to eat... We saw tons of big roosterfish, but we were looking for snook or big snapper... Its not unusual to catch snook up to 40 or 50 lbs...

Off to go surfing now, and on the boats again early next week with my buddy Justin Clasvalka for marlin. Cant wait!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Baja Anglers fishing report Sunday Dec. 4th 2011

Baja Anglers fishing report Sunday Dec. 4th 2011

Hi Folks,

Cabo is just beautiful right now, all of the summer heat is gone and it is about as nice outside as it gets. Daytimes highs are in the high to mid 70s and nighttime is in the mid 60s. Perfect weather for fishing, golfing and just have a relaxing day at the beach.

Another beautiful thing is the great fishing ... Its just really good fishing, actually its super. If you want a marlin on the fly, mixed in with Dorado, YF tuna and roosterfish, its time to get down to Cabo, now. Time to take advantage of this good bite we have right now...

The striped marlin fishing has been so-so all Oct-Nov. We had some good marlin days on the water, but most of the time, the fish just didn't want to bite. Well that changed. Yahoo! at last.

I will get to that in a minute, first I will tell you why it changed.. Cabo has had exceptionally warm water all fall, it was in the low 80's when it should have been in the mid 70s. Yep, striped marlin like water temps around 70-78 degrees. But whats more important, is that the bait (slimy green mackerel) like cooler water temperature, and thats the key... The cooler water moved South down the coast from Mag Bay, and like a river, it brought the bait, and the marlin with it...

What does that mean to Cabo, well it means its really good marlin fishing. It's good now, but as the migration continues down, the fishing might get as good as 3 and 4 years ago, with marlin, whales and everything crashing the bait balls off golden gate banks. Lets cross our fingers, as stellar bites like that are few and far between.

The dorado fishing continues to be good...Plenty of fish around, even some real grandes out there, but most are 25 lbs and under. We are catching anywhere from 4 to 10 dorado on most days.

Some good fishing for YF tuna if you can find the schools with the porpoise. No real big fish, mostly footballs, but lots of fun, on the fly and spin.

Here's some real good news. We are catching some really nice sized roosterfish off the boats. 20 pounds plus on the fly and spin rods.. Roosterfish are my favorite fish to catch. They are just spectacular to catch and look at...We release all roosterfish, no exceptions, same goes for all billfish..

We have been having a lot of fun on my beach fishing trips to the East Cape. We are catching lots of small roosterfish, but we have had shots at bigger fishy's every day..

This year I am providing beach camping trips up the remote Pacific for snapper, snook, corvina. You wont find this kind of fishing anywhere in the world like this.. We catch huge fish off the beach with fly and spin...Camping is with tents and we camp where there isn't a soul around...We eat a lot of fresh fish, and have enjoy late nights looking at all the beautiful stars. We fish both night and day. I have caught many snook over 40 lbs, but much bigger fish lurk those waters... These trips are fun safe adventures. I provide 3 to 7 day excursions in Nov-mid Feb. I also do corvina/halibut trips off the beach. These trips are a great adventure. We travel up the coast to a small town that has a clean hotel and fish locally form there.Its mostly corvina, snappers and halibut from the beach, but occasionally a big snook or grouper. One of the nice things about this trip is that you don't need to throw a fly a mile to catch fish, most anyone can cast a fly 30 to 40 feet and thats all you need. These fish have never seen man before, and they are not afraid if us. If you want to see what California looked like 100 years ago .. Please email me at info@baja-anglers.com for more info.

Tight Lines,

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Rooster time!

Lou Bevualqua - striped marlin, and roosterfish on the same day!

Jim Bickler and his buddy John get some hot cabo action

Marlin, tuna and dorado on the fly, oh my!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Early morning with my buddy Rich Lirtzman

Yesterdays beach fishing was good. We caugt about 6 small roosters and had shots at some really nice sized fish. Let's hope today is much of the same