Monday, June 28, 2010

Bill's giant rooster

Bill and his pig of a fish!

Wow! Now that's one hell of a fish !!!

Bill Sappenfield with his pig of a fish

It doest get better than this!

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Giant Roosterfish

Giant Roosterfish busting baitballs on the surface Absolutely awesome fishing.

John Mael catches a monster roosterfish on light tackle, his Buddy Bill catches a even bigger one. I am guessing this rooster at 60 lbs. ( I am waiting for Bill to email me the photo and will post it as soon as he does)

After landing and releasing these two pigs, they were worn out and went in search for bigger game.

Why aren't you fishing with us? The fish are here, where are you?

Bill's Giant Monster Roosterfish

Wow. Now that's one he'll of a fish !!!

Bill Sappenfield with his pig of a fish

It doest get better than this!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Me hard at fishing

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Waiting for the bite. Hard at work!

David fox gets his giant Roosterfish off the beach

I am guiding my good friends David Fox, Steve Cali and Christophe Mousarats right now.

On our first day, David hooks up to this great fish. No tease, just spots this fish, free-casts and lets the fly go. The fish came up strong and chased the fly into 2' of water and then engulfed the fly. After a strong fight I tailed the fish and then we took this snap shot. A great day to smile.

These guys actually let me pick up a rod and chase fish sometimes and I nailed a small rooster. You gotta love it!

Yesterday, the fishing was dead, but David and I managed to bag a few 20lb fish. I am off to go fishing, what a life!


I fished a few days on the beach last week

I took a few days off last week and Gisel and I went looking for roosterfish.

I would love to show you the photos of the 3 Grande roosterfish over 45 lbs, but I lost all three. I cant remember when I lost a roosterfish off the beach, it was ages ago.

Anyway, I hook up a 50 plus and after a long fight, comes unbuttoned as I try to drag him up the beach. The next fish was another pig and he came off after a 100 yard run and head shaking like a tarpon, the next day was a 45 lb fish that came off after a blazing 200 yard run.

The hook was the same one I have used after all these years, and the worst thing was the looks I got from Gisel. I am afraid I came down a few notches on the belt those two days....

The next day, the fishing was not as good and I cast to smaller fish. I got a 15-18 rooster, a nice jack and a giant needle fish...

Quick report- Roosterfish baby, but its on one day off the next.

The roosterfish are here, and there are some big ones. There are big snapper are here also...

The only problem is that the fish are biting one day and off the next, but if you want a huge roosterfish, now is the time... Big roosterfish are only here late spring through mid summer... They arent always this many big fish around. Its a good time to drop a line in the water and see if its your turn to catch one of these magnificent fish.

Some YF tuna, but not anything to write about, and the marlin bite is okay some days and so-so the next.

The cubera and Colorado snapper bite has been good on light tackle and okay on fly.

I am off to fish, but I will post a few pictures of our beach trip in the next post.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice rooster. The fishing is back!

Fishing on again

We had a few slow days this last week, and it was really tough fishing

The fishing had been super with big roosters, jacks, and snappers on fly and light tackle.

It's back to normal and we are catching the hogs again

Pictured below is Bill with some very big snappers. Way to go. He was fishing with Our Capt Alex

I am away on a East Cape adventure and will fill U in as the trip progresses

Tight Lines


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are catching big Roosterfish, why aren't you here?

Lots of big roosterfish around on the beach and boats, but not many fisherman here this year.

Here are a few pictures of james Hamous with a very big fly caught roosterfish, a nice jack and sierra mackerel...

James fishes again today, so I will post more pictures again tomorrow.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

East Cape morning sun

I am on another East Cape adventure, this is a great life. I will post
some photos later.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dorado off the beach

I was guiding my good friend Onno from Holland when he caught this nice dorado off the beach with the fly. This is a rare treat catch, and not too many anglers have ever accomplished this feat. It made our day for sure!

Burt 3rd day on the boat

Burt keeps catching big roosters on the fly. You gotta love it when
it's this good!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Burt has the magic today

My good friend Burt has a great days fishing and gets these nice roosters on the fly. Way to go Burt!

Ali Talebpour gets a nice rooster on the fly

Roosters from the beach Take two

Here are a few more photo from the beach. Gisel looks great!

Beach fishing -Rooster Fish Fever

In the months of May and June. I dont get much time off to fish myself. Maybe one or two days, otherwise I am guiding guests everyday. I got two days to fish by myself this year. The first day, I caught these two hogs off the beach on the fly. Both were within 30 minutes of each other, free casting. Its also amazing if I have someone else with me on my solo time beach cruising . Gisel decided to join me that day, so its nice to have a camera along to chronicle the catch, otherwise it would have been just another fantastic memory.