Saturday, June 26, 2010

I fished a few days on the beach last week

I took a few days off last week and Gisel and I went looking for roosterfish.

I would love to show you the photos of the 3 Grande roosterfish over 45 lbs, but I lost all three. I cant remember when I lost a roosterfish off the beach, it was ages ago.

Anyway, I hook up a 50 plus and after a long fight, comes unbuttoned as I try to drag him up the beach. The next fish was another pig and he came off after a 100 yard run and head shaking like a tarpon, the next day was a 45 lb fish that came off after a blazing 200 yard run.

The hook was the same one I have used after all these years, and the worst thing was the looks I got from Gisel. I am afraid I came down a few notches on the belt those two days....

The next day, the fishing was not as good and I cast to smaller fish. I got a 15-18 rooster, a nice jack and a giant needle fish...

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