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Cabo Fishing report Oct 7th 2010

Hi Folks.

Most fo you know that summer time in Cabo is usually very good fishing, but it lacks the tourists, most folks stay home to fish their local waters or maybe go to Alaska... Thats why when August and September comes around, I take advantage of our slow season and usually try to travel with my family to states for a month or so.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous traveling northern Baja with my family. After listening to the news about all the violence in Mexico, I wasn't sure this was the best idea of I have had... I asked a buddy of mine who had made the trip recently and he said all was okay and chided me for falling for the medias need to everything sensational everything (got to sell that TV time, ratings, ratings ratings)...

So I packed up the family, hooked up the tent trailer and took off up north. It was my same ole Baja, scenic drive with wonderful people. I always love cactus forests and some very strange and usual flora. After two and a half days uneventful drive we pulled up at the US border wondering what all the hype was about... All's we met along the way, were the same old friendly people we always encounter in the Baja... Checkpoints are a bit intimidating to some, but are always a welcome sight for me, as I dont mind them a bit.. The soldiers are professional and just looking for bad guys, I wish they did it in the states.. Mostly the solders looked bored, but were friendly and talkative..

The next day, we stopped in Needles, California at a fast food place for lunch. While we ate, three different groups came in to the restaurant and all three were stoned on something... One group was loaded with Tattoo's and piercing.. The others just messed up on some heavy crap... The guy behind the counter was going to call the cops on one of guys because he could barley speak and a bit aggressive... These were all Caucasian youths.. For the first time in our trip, I was worried a little for my families safety...are these guys going to pull a gun or something? In over 30 years, living and visiting Baja, I have never felt a uneasy one bit or felt danger in any way... The way I see it, the problem isn't really isn't Mexico, the bad guys here are just in the transport and distribution...Sure there is a turf war going on with the gangs, and too many people had died on the border states, but the real problem is the consumers in the United States...Without the U.S. need for drugs, we wouldn't be having these problems in mainland Mexico.

Anyway, after visiting family in Flagstaff, we drove up to Colorado and ended up camping high up in the Rockies... We love the mountains, and what a great time we had. My girls fishing the same rivers I fished with my father 40 years ago, now thats priceless... The browns and rainbows rising to the dry fly.. Roasting hotdogs and Marshmallows in the campfires... It just doesn't get better than that..

Now the Cabo fishing report... from this week on, I will be back on track and writing fishing reports and daily blogging with pictures.



Our fall season is starting off with a bang.. Plenty of fun to be had chasing the offshore species right now...

The dorado fishing has been so much fun... We are finding schools of dorado up on the Pacific side... Most of the dorado are 15# to 20#, but there are some big 30# to 40# fish also. On most days we are catching 10 to 30 dorado on the fly and light spinning. If you want to catch dorado on the fly, now is the time to do it...

The marlin fishing is pretty good right now... Mostly we are seeing striped marlin, but there are still some nice catches of blue and black marlin to be had... Its kind of nice knowing that when that marlin does come into your spread, that it might be a 120lb striped marlin or maybe a 500 lb Black or Blue..

The YF Tuna fishing is okay right now. Some day are good, some days are okay... Lots of variety on size from 20# footballs to pigs over 100#.

Some Wahoo around, but nothing great yet. November is traditionally wahoo season in Cabo...

Inshore: We are catching fun sized 10- 15 lb. roosterfish on the fly and light spin.. these fish are migratory and its nice to see them show up early in Cabo... Expect to see some good inshore action starting November and really picking up speed by December.. The inshore fishing lasts all winter and spring, but dies off by mid summer... Mid April through late June is prime time roosterfish season..

If you want to go on one of my beach fishing expeditions for giant roosterfish with me this May or June, I still have some weeks open... The best bet is for you to email me at for information.. Sorry, no fishing guides or writers..

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