Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canada boys do good.

Both Chris and Don Sutton from Vancouver, B.C. caught their first striped marlin on the fly yesterday... Congratulations.. The first ones are always the hardest... Lots of chances, lot of fun.. Actually we raised 18 marlin to the fly and they were hot, hot , hot.... We hooked 8. We also had some equipment fail... It was the fly lines on their personal rods, and it broke so easily, I could break it with a steady pull... The fly lines were crap. When we got in, they took the lines off their rods and bought RIO fly lines from me... I have been at this game for 30 years, and RIO is the only fly line I recommend... I have lost too many fish to other fly lines. Thanks RIO for making a great product.. BTW- I buy all my RIO lines, they dont give them to me...

We are back out today, I hope we have the same good luck as yesterday and raise 20 fish!

Man I love it when the fishing is good!

Living the dream.


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