Friday, December 03, 2010

Slow day yesterday

Wow, some days are just like yesterday. If you fish for marlin long enough, these days happen... It was just a dead day, no fish at all. Zippo, nada, zero, I mean not a darn thing.... A empty sea, not a thing moving but the whales and porpoises... Some boats got into a few football sized tuna, but thats about it... When the fish want to stay deep and not eat, its a very big ocean... Sometimes you pay your dues... Do I think this is the trend.. Absolutely not, there are a ton of fish out there and the fishing will be back to normal in a few days...Heck it could be right on today.

The inshore remains really good for roosterfish... Some big ones too, and small sierra along the shore...

The whales are migrating back and they are so cool to see... We were with four humpback whales for over an hour yesterday. I am still amazed after 30 years of being on the ocean everyday..

The guys are still on the water, but I am taking a few days off. I have been steady on the water for over a month and half, it will be nice to rest my toes in the sand and have a cold one on the beach..

I will keep you posed.


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