Monday, June 13, 2011

Capts. Photo's.

While I was out of town, the guys took some pictures. I will post them in the following posts... I dont have names, but if you see your picture, please post in comments and I will add the names....

Its been a very busy May and June and man am I loving it. Roosterfish fever 100%.

Those that know me think I am a bit nuts"crazy" when I fish for roosterfish. I just dont stop, and when the fishing going off, I fish myself to the ground. I say "yea baby", I am bit rooster crazy, or maybe I am just a old Gringo, who chooses to live south of the border, and fish and surf everyday, and not get caught up in the world dramas the TV news channels loves to exploit.. Live life everyday to the fullest, I take it to heart.

Keeping you posted.


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