Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Quick fishing reportMarch 6th 2012

Okay first off the bat is marlin.. We have had a resurgence of our great marlin fishing after a 2 month long lull.. Its not a everyday thing, but hey, they are around and sometimes you can get multiple shots at fish in a day...

Tuna are wayyy outttt. Find the porpoise and you will find the buggers, good eating size, but no real bruisers..

Inshore Man some great days mixed in with crappy days.. I guess thats why they call it fishing... One day we catch 16 roosters in a day and the next just a few.. But hey, a few roosters is still a good day...Jacks and sierra around, but not so hot for snappers...

I will post some pictures of last weeks fishing.


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