Sunday, September 01, 2013

weather beautiful and good fishing

The weather is beautiful after the storm, calm seas, and mostly sunny skies... The dorado fishing is very good right now... Mostly smaller fish, but we are also catching an occasional nice fish up to 30 lbs.  Striped marlin fishing is also pretty good and on some days can be very good...  Inshore fishing for roosterfish is anywhere from zero fish to some big bad roosters. if its your day, there are monsters out there... Beach fly fishing is fairly good,  Pick the right day and its golden, the wrong one and tough day... Luck of the draw right now... Last time out, we had 5 shots, and almost a 40 lb. rooster eat the fly, He missed it, on the strip.  Then at the end of the day, a school of nice sized roosters over 50 lbs feeding on the mullet.. The waves were a problem, so was getting the flies to them, but hey, thats why we love this sport.  Its not easy...

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