Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Quick fishing report

Hi Folks,

Wow This May and June has been roller coaster of roosterfish fishing season.  One day you have the 70 lb roosterfish of a lifetime, the next you cant buy a fish, the next you have incredible fishing and then cold green water moves in and slows the fishing, then the fish show up in the ugly green water and its on again.. Giant roosterfish are not easy to catch, but when conditions are right, its incredible.. So we had some super catches this year, just pigs sized roosterfish, and then we had some very slow days.. Overall, I would say it was a great May and June...

Offshore marlin and dorado fishing was similar to the inshore fishing, but a little more dependable.

We are now in the transition period, when we start to get our warmer water move in, and with the warmer water comes blue marlin, sailfish, striped marlin, and yellowfin tuna.  as we move into August expect the roosterfishing to slow down quite a bit, but if you do catch a rooster, they are usually huge fish.

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