Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jonathan Webster, Martin Webster and Phillip Sorenson

Hi Grant & Gisel,
 Hope you are both very well.
We are just waiting for our taxi so I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for a splendid week's fishing – we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; work tomorrow is not an appealing prospect.
1.       Alex ; Jacob – top guys, natural fishermen and really excellent to spend a week aboard with them both. I hope we looked after them well enough but please pass on our sincerest thanks to these two – we loved them.
2.       Los Milagros – what a great recommendation; an oasis of calm amongst the hustle, and to come back here after a hot and busy day on the water was a real treat.  Sandra is great company with many fly fishing tales – mutual exaggeration was in good supply!
3.       The Fish – last year we went to Alphonse for a majorly expensive "best week's fly fishing on the planet" and it was a serious disappointment; fabulous place but very over-fished and too many anglers in a small location. Just one of the roosters that we caught this week would have made that trip – and we caught 20 this week. Most of that was down to Alex and Jacob we understand, although I did finally get a good one on my spinning rod yesterday and Martin had one on the fly – we teased up several but they would not take any of the flies we offered, ours or Alex's; quite strange really for such aggressive fish. That did not detract from our week and we really had a good experience which we will remember for a long time.
               A few more pictures for the blog – thank you again for a fantastic week.

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