Wednesday, July 20, 2016

John Hanning letter to me.

John just wrote me this wonderful letter. You will remember John, is is the one that caught the roosterfish of the year on the fly with me off the beach. Thanks John for such a great letter.

Hey Grant,

Just wanted to round up our fabulous fishing few days,s we shared beach fishing recently, I,m still "buzzing" about my fish of a lifetime you helped me catch. As you know I came all the way from New Zealand to fish with you, my earlier research sure did not let me down and you are the MAN. I have fished many places and species but those fabulous Rooster fish are pretty cunning and real spectacular beasts & I do mean Beasts.

From the moment you picked me up from the resort I knew we would get on just fine, punctuality, courtesy and your patience on the beach, sharing with me a totally new technique on great gear, your super personally crafted big flys that swim so enticingly like that wounded baitfish that the Roosters will surely pounce on worked spectacularly, the fish did not even hesitate and just smashed it first time.

You certainly don't get a second shot at these cunning beasts. Your earlier explanations of what to expect, how to cast differently than my normal style and strip with stealth was invaluable. This had me really prepared in my mind and using your special technique you made me practice, had me ready for that instant and accurate presentation.

So to any serious Angler that would hope to catch their own fish of a lifetime, a BIG ROOSTER sight fished off the beach with the help and knowledge of Grant Hartman is an exciting and super smart option. Grant is not only a fab guy but a true EAGLE eyed HUNTER of the seas and the surroundings he knows best. I will be back for sure Grant as that fish we safely released might even grow Bigger.

The best of respect from your new Amigo buddy John Hanning, Christchurch, New Zealand

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