Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hurricane Newton and Cabo San Lucas

I thought I would write a little something after the storm as I see a few news agencies and individuals have blow out of proportion the hurricane and aftermath.

on Monday Sept 5th at around 10 at night we lost power and started to see the effects of Newton.. Some strong winds started as well as the rain, but nothing serious yet

On Tuesday around 1am, the storm really hit hard.. We had huge gusts of wind with steady rain, that lasted until 3am.  

The eye of the storm 3am to 5am was a huge eye.  Calm as ever, it was so long that I thought the storm was already past.

From 3 am till about 6 am, the storm was blowing again, with some more rain.  

At 6am though about 10 am tropical storm conditions with slight rain.

I drove down to look at the boats at around 8am.. Some sand in streets, only saw two trees down, very little flooding, juts some sand in the streets.  Overall, not much happened.

by 10 am, clean up crews were already on the streets, some restaurants and businesses were already opening.

Zero looting.  The local radio station let everyone know that the major food chain stores were opening at 12am.

No damage to resorts that I heard of.  All is fine with the tourism.  

No damage to the docks or any boats. 

So, was Newton a serious hurricane.  Yes it was.  I know, as I was up all night making sure all was okay.. 

Was Newton a devastating destructive hurricane like Odile in 2014.  No, it was just a good blow without any real damage done.

Just so you know, Cabo is up and running already… Its almost back to normal, and should be 100% in a few days.   Th report should be open in tow more days.  Your resorts are safe and the sun was out this am  (with some clouds, but out).

Its back to Margaritas, cold Pacifico's and sunshine.  Just the way we love it!

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