Sunday, February 06, 2011

Way to cold last week..

Was I in Baja? As you know, I was up the coast fishing on one of my Baja fishing Safari's with Sam Vigneri and Jeff Courier... We had a lot of fun in adverse conditions... I mean windy as can be and COLD. Well cold for Baja... We had 34 degrees one morning... The last day at Mag Bay was nuts. We had a strong cold north wind all day long.. I have never in my life used a life preserver on the boat, but I put one on that day.. Not because I was scared, but because it made a wonderful wind breaker on top of my clothes..

It was a tough trip, but we had a good time... The cold front of the century could have ruined the trip for most guys, but Jeff and Sam are real troopers and fished everyday through difficult conditions... We caught fish everyday, and had plenty to talk about at days end.....

My iphone conked out on me again... Jeff is sending me pictures of the trip and as soon as i get them, I will post...


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