Saturday, October 15, 2011

Niall Boggs and Matt Klara with a nice dorado on the fly

Just dropping a line to say thanks to your crew on our recent trip. We had tough weather the first couple of days, but finally calmed down on day three and we got into the dorado. What great fish! Anyway, Nazario and Ulysseys were great and they really know how to take advantage when the fish are around. Below I have forwarded an email and photo my fishing partner Matt Klara sent into the folks at Galvan Reels...I think the picture says it all...Matt has had a relationship with Galvan for about a decade from back in his guiding days. You guys have great fishery and good crew. Honestly, one of our favorite things was chasing the schools of black skipjack...not the biggest fish in the sea but alot of fun.

Well, I hope to get down there again before too long...


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