Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cabo and Beach Update May 27

I should be posting more, but hey, I am personally on the East Cape doing my weekly private beach fishing seminars.  I am not getting back to Cabo for 4 weeks, so posts are going to be far and few between.  

Cabo has been good fishing. Roosterfish, snappers, sierra mackerel and jacks are abundant, as well as striped marlin.  On the striped marlin, tricky to get to eat, but plenty of fish... Some big roosters around, again tricky to get to eat, the medium sized fish are easier to fool.  Some big snappers around, there fish are super light tackle and fly fish, as they take lure and fly with gusto, and the bonus its a visual take as thy are on top of the water, only a foot or so down.. Sierra are one of my favorites, great sports fish, great tableware.  Love these fish, jacks are powerful, but the king is the rooster.  These exotic fish are addictive to catch.. Catch a nice one and its all you can think about for years..Any size will bring a huge smile to your face.
The east cape trips are going strong and plenty of fish, including some real pigs.  I won't post any more pictures, as the beach rats the come down in hordes since running down the man aren't doing so well (not as easy as they thought) and they are internet generation, so when I have posted in the past, they look at the photos to see the beach variations and locations, next thing you know, I have a ton of guys fishing next to me... No thanks.  I like to fish alone!  But we are catching roosters on consistent basis. 

Thats all for now,

P.S. Some photos from Nazarios camera.  Look at those smiles, love it!

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