Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fishing report May 1st

This the season to be Merry, Yep, its rooster season and we are starting to see some nice fish.  during May and June we get the big boys migrate into the Cabo area and its just too much fun to chase those boys on the fly or spin.

Right now, lots of action on Sierra mackerel, jacks and roosters with some BIG cuber snappers thrown in...

The marlin are back and boy are they here in numbers..  we are seeing lots of marlin in a days outing, but only getting a few to bite... The marlin are full of big squid, so finding the hungry one is the key...

I tell you, sand, sunshine, marlin, roosters, lots of inshore action,. ceviche, cold Pacifico, and just all around great place, there is no place like Cabo!

Okay, I am still getting calls form folks who are worried about the violence in Mexico.Well Its not here, and hasn't been.  Cabo is one of the safest places on the planet.  I live here 360 days a year for the last 17years, and I love it.  Great place to raise a family and enjoy life.. I recently took a guest out on a beach trip and everyone told him it was dangerous and to watch out for bandit, they thought he was off his rocker.  Anyway, after fishing all day with me traveling around to cool spots, he realized, that those of us that live here have known for ever, that its a big media scam, and thats it.  The media has to have you watch TV to pay the advertisers.  So its make up crap time and blow everything out of proportion, and scare the crap out of everyone so they can make a buck..I say, turn off the boob tube and go fishing, you will be happier for it!

I will post pictures later today


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