Monday, June 10, 2013

Grant Hartman Article on FLY FISH THE BONEHEAD

Hi Folks,

My buddy Joe Ballarini has a new web magazine out and its really cool, and has a in depth article on me...You can check out the mag and article at

It has one misprint, he called my Umpqua Roosta fly the Rasta.  The rasta is Frank Smyshurst fly... The roosta, started out its life as a big Bob Popovics surf candy with spun deer head, it got cleaned up by my buddy Steve Cali and called the G&S Hybrid and now the Roosta.  Its the fly everyone used on the east cape for grande roosters.  BTW My buddy Lance Peterson has a very good version called the Mona Lisa that is a killer fly.  Heck, the way I look at it, we all copied Popovics flies.   Thanks Bob .The master! 

Tight Lines,

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