Saturday, June 01, 2013

Quick Fishing Report The bite is just Began June1st 2013

Hi Folks,

Remember a few days ago ,when I said" the roosterfish were not eating, they are spawning" What a difference a few days make. The roosters are starting to eat, and heres the kicker, there are just huge roosterfish right now.. Crazy big in the 50 to 60 lb range right now... David Cooper hooked one on the fly yesterday that was a huge fish, and fought it for 20 minutes and lost it because he was trying to horse that pig in, his brother caught a 20# roosterfish on the fly, and had lots of shots, and they also had a striped marlin come in hot to the teaser, but he refused the fly...

The Bite is on! I love it! This is what we live for, when the big roosterfish are here and want to eat. We are also catching yellowtail, jacks, and sierra mackerel..The next two weeks aught to be great fishing in Cabo

The marlin fishing is picking up, plenty of fish. Just go down in leader size and they are a bit picky right now.. Some are using 50# mono and hooking up. Also some dorado have moved in and we are catching them as a by catch.

I am headed over to the East Cape today for 3 weeks of beach fly fishing for big roosterfish.. The East Cape started out with a bang, and then got really slow for most of May, A few big fish, but not really much to write home about... I heard there was a bit of a bite last week, but I was booked in Cabo... Lets hope the fishing this month is as good on the East Cape as it is in Cabo.

I will keep you posted.


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