Sunday, January 22, 2017

Norway car rental

I had to choose a car rental company.

I have had difficulties in the past with the big car rental companies. They really don't care about you n they just making booking a car easy.

I did look at them all, from the Giants to the mom n pops and came away renting from Norway car rentals.

I was worried about the Argentina permit as I have read some horror stories about rental agencies not getting the right paperwork and the renters not front able to cross the border

Wow was I happily surprised. When we arrived in Puerto Montt after a 18 hrs of travel with layovers, to say the least, we were beat. There was Norway waiting for us with big smiles. They got us into a new Isuzu compact car, gave us the paperwork and we were on the road in 15 minutes, 4 hrs later we crossed the border without a hassle. The car turned out super fun to ride and it got incredible gas mileage.

I can't recommend them enough. Good you are going to Chile or Argentina. Give them s try. I cant recommend them enough !!!

We are traveling now and more updates on our trip later

Grant & Gisel

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