Friday, May 06, 2011

Where the heck is Grant?

Heck I am still hiding out. Actually I am on the East Cape. One of my long time guests a good friend hurt his back and had to cancel the week long beach trip. He is such a great guy and I wish him a speedy recovery.

I have been testing the waters over here, and the beach fishing shows a lot of promise. Tons of bait and good conditions. On the downside a ton of illegal guides that don't know their hole in the own a%# spooking fish and throwing teasers. Dodging them is a pain, but a reality these days. Also most of my secret spots aren't quite so secretive as they used to be. Everyone wants to come down here and be the guide hero for roosterfish.

I was talking to Lance the other day and he said the same thing. Folks will never see the beach like it was before Frank put out the running down the man video. Before, I wouldn't see a soul for weeks at a time and catching a big rooster was normal and didn't need hero shots to boost the ego

It's still fun and there are still lots of fish, but most of my secrets and techniques are out( not all
Of them) to get my guests into fish, I just need to drive a bit more distance to fish where there are less people.

Loving living in Mexico and living the life


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