Monday, May 23, 2011


Where's Grant, well........

On the last day of the show, we got skunked in the am and came in early to shoot the interview. My guest Glen Kaplan said the bite turned on when you left. A fish every bite. It was a great yellowtail bite. Go figure

The big roosters are here, but are a bit closed mouths. Lots of small to medium roosters. now that the big swell is gone, we should get our snapper bite back. Big jacks and Sierra around also.

Good YF Tuna bite offshore on breeding footballs as well as a decent marlin and dorado bite. All in all great Cabo fishing

Okay, so where was Grant, he was surfing of course. There was a great swell going on and I had to take advantage of it. Now I am on one of my East Cape Roosterfish Safari's for the rest of the week.

Someone has to live the good life.

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