Saturday, January 05, 2013

Matt Donaldson gets a beauty of striped marlin on the fly. Way to go Matt!

I wanted to thank you for 3 wonderful days of fishing on the water.

your guides Nazareo and Arturo were top notchj: professional, cared about the clients, did a tremendous job, made sure I had a really good time, and were tremendously knowledgable fisherman.  They never gave up, and had many different places, techniques when the fish were hard to find.  From the boat we caught 1 Dorado, 2 Sierra, and a whopper of a Marlin in the 9th inning (:
Also, it is clear they truly love what they do and it is important to them to give a great experience to their clients- they get as jazzed and fired up as I did when the fish were near. 
in a previous life I had been a guide for 6 years all over north america (not fishing- just heading through all the US/canada national parks) and I prided myself as being pretty good at my job, but I was not as good as your guides. 
So thank you for putting together such a tremendous product- I hope your business continues to boom- and I am sure it will with the way you run it.

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