Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick fishing report Jan. 19th

Quick Fishing report  JAN 19TH 2013

The weather is fantastic. At last things are starting to shape up and I mean shape up.. we had two weeks of clouds, and even some rain over the holidays and then we had a few more cold fronts quickly pass through bringing the morning temps into the low 60s.. Thats just way too cold for Cabo.  Now things are back to normal, beautiful sunny days and good tug on the end of your line, with a cold Pacifico and Ceviche waiting after fishing... Now thats Cabo!

The marlin fishing is still good. Both fly and light tackle... As I thought. now with the water temperatures down the marlin continue to migrate south from Mag Bay.  

The dorado fishing has slowed down, but if you are lucky you can catch a few or even get into a school and catch a bunch.

The Inshore fishing has taken off and is super right now...Lots of action on really big sierra action is putting smiles on all faces.  I mean some really nice fish... Also, some huge roosters around, they can be difficult to catch, but they are here and thats half the battle...Some big jacks also, and an occasional snapper...Smaller roosters around and are lots of fun on the appropriate tackle. 

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