Sunday, January 27, 2013

Marlin on the Fly/Randy Fitzgerald

Randy Fitzgerald from Texas caught this beautiful striped marlin on the fly with Arturo yesterdy. 

Randy called me the week earlier and said he needed a break from work...  He had a open weekend, and always had wanted to catch a striped marlin on the fly. He had never bluewater fly fished before and wondered if he could do it.. You know me, I love Saltwater New-bee's.  There is nothing like the excitement of someone catching their striped marlin on their first trip.  First day of his two day trip, Wammo, Arturo teases this hot fish up, Randy made a nice cast, gets a good hook-set, and after a long fun fight,  he  lands and releases it unharmed. .... I also saw him the next day, and he still had a big smile on his face, I bet that smile wont go away for a very long time... 

Only in Cabo baby, Man I love it here!

Way to go Randy!

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